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The term Russification once meant adopting the Russian language or some other Russian attribute by non-Russian communities.  (Source:  Wikipedia.)  In the computer age, it means to be able to view and type in Russian on one's computer, including the abilities to read Web pages, send and receive e-mail, translate Russian documents into English and vice versa, and more.

This site once provided information on how to view Cyrillic in the different operating systems, but the last update was for Windows 98.  Because of the advances in software, plus the huge number of other sites providing similar information, please use the links below if you cannot view Cyrillic on your PC or MAC.  Sadly, some of these sites have not been updated for a long time either. Good luck!




If a font you download does not show up after you install it in Windows XP (and, I suppose, Vista), do this:  Open Control Panel and click on "Fonts."  Right click on the font you just installed and click "Properties."  Near the bottom of that window (in Windows XP, at least) it will tell you it may not be safe.  Click the box to allow you to use it.  It should appear now in Word or other software applications.

Keyboard Drivers

Other Software

  • The Abbyy OCR program, FineReader OCR for Cyrillic is available from this commercial site.
  • Ruskiy Soft.  The portal is being redesigned. It remains to be seen what will be offered as of 18 June 2012.
  • The Speaking Clock web site.  Much different from the older version, which I still use and has a plug-in that will announce the time for you, in Russian, as often as you want.

Links last updated and checked on 19 June 2012

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