GermanyPhotos of Germany and West Berlin when the country still was divided.
  • hilites
    HighlightsHighlights from the album.
  • mounts
    The AlpsPhotos taken along the highway.
    Auto & Technik MuseumSinsheim, Germany. A true "Man's Museum," it even had a complete display of Stihl chainsaws Visited August or early September 1995. Opens in new tab.
  • bamberg
  • bayreuth
    BayreuthBayreuth hosts an annual festival, at which operas by the 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner are presented.
  • gaden
    BerchtesgadenBerchtesgaden served as an important part of U.S. Armed Forces Recreation Centers.
  • berlin
    BerlinPhotos from when Germany was still divided after World War II and Grandpa Roy was stationed in the western sector of the divided city of Berlin from 1971 to…
  • ruins
    Castles & Ruins
  • koeln
    CologneA short visit in 1973 with Great Grandma Teenie.
  • border
    Czech Border RegionIt was forbidden for military personnel to get closer than 1 kilometer from the borders with Czechoslovakia and Communist East Germany.
  • dachau
    DachauThe infamous Nazi concentration camp.
    • camp
      Liberation of DachauThe photos in this folder include those of some drawings made by a Pole who endured life in the Nazi concentration camps. Some of the drawings are very graphic…
  • ebrach
  • alps
    Franconian AlpsSites and locations in the Franconian Alps in Bavaria, also known as Franconian Switzerland not otherwise shown.
  • fft
    FrankfurtGrandpa Roy visited Frankfurt in 1963 when he went to visit your Great Great Grandma Sarah Miller's friend Dick Banbury who lived there.
  • harz
    Harz MountainsWhere witches were supposed to have dwelled. Visited in 1972.
  • hof
    Hof SaaleGrandpa Roy was stationed here for about 9 or 10 months, 1970-1971. They were closing the base. He transferred to West Berlin in 1971.
  • linder
    LinderhofThe only palace or castle that Ludwig II had built that he lived to see it completed.
  • breit
    MarktbreitA small town in the Franconian Alps.
  • mittenwald
    MittenwaldMittenwald is in Bavaria, near Garmisch. The town is known for the manufacture of violins, violas and cellos which began in the mid-17th century.
  • monuments
    Monuments and StatuesMiscellaneous photographs of monuments and statues not in other parts of the album.
  • munich
    MunichMunich is the capital and most populous city of the German state of Bavaria, as well as home of the famed October Fest.
    • city
    • nymph
      Nymphenburg PalaceThe Nymphenburg served as the main summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria. It is now a museum and park.
    • fest
      October FestBeer, oompah bands and drunks.
    • olympics
      Olympic Stadium1972 Munich Olympics were held here. Grandpa Roy visited with his mother, Great Grandma Teenie, in 1973.
    • treasury
      TreasuryTreasury Museum of the Residence.
  • nuremberg
    NurembergThe war crime trials were held here after World War II.
  • rhine
    Rhine River Views
    • 1973
      1973Grandpa Roy took these photos in 1973 when his mother, Great Grandma Teenie, visited him in Berlin.
    • 1995
      1995These photos were taken by Grandpa Roy on his way by train to join a German team for an arms control inspection in September 1995.
  • marche
    VolksmarcheGrandpa Roy went on a Volkesmarche in October 1992 when he was in Germany to deploy for Arms Control inspections under the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty.